Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a total of 210 credits to graduate from King High. 

English 35 credits
Science  20 credits (10 Life, 10 Physical)
Algebra 10 credits
Math 10 credits
Geography/Social Studies 10 credits
US History 10 credits
Government 5 credits
Economics 5 credits
Fine Arts 5 credits
Practical Arts 5 credits
Careers 5 credits
Physical Education 20 credits
Electives 69 credits
School Service 1 credit

Students earn a high school diploma upon graduation, but are not eligible for admission directly to most four-year universities because the curriculum is not A-G approved. 

Reduced Graduation Requirements

Students in particular situations may qualify for graduation based on the state minimum graduation requirements if they meet certain requirements. This applies to some students in foster care, homeless students, and migrant students who transfer schools after completion of their 10th grade year and are not able to reasonably complete the traditional graduation requirements. If you think you may be eligible for reduced graduation requirements, please talk to the counselor about your situation.