August 21, 2020

Dear King High School Family, 

If you don't read this entire message, please at least ensure than your King student and one Parent/Guardian has completed these important surveys, ad read the last paragraph for updates about starting classes. Thank you! 
Principal in King High mask

Mandatory Student Survey
Mandatory Parent/Guardian Survey

It has become clear that 2020 is the year of great unknowns. Our best attempts to plan for the COVID-19 pandemic and to control the chaos around us are repeatedly thwarted by previously unimaginable twists and turns. And yet, here we are. And yet, we ARE. We are here, and we are still existing, even in the face of the world's apocalyptic agenda. Students, you are living through history, and doing it with grace and grit. We are here to witness you, to support you, and to provide as much normalcy we can for you this year. We are excited to help you dive back into your educations, and to help you find joy in planning for your futures, even if it's via Zoom. 

The King Staff is working hard to prepare the best version of Distance Learning that we can for our students. We are connecting with every single student individually about scheduling. We are learning Canvas, a more robust learning management system, to replace Google Classroom. We are (Zoom) meeting regularly to dedicate time to building the King community virtually, since we can't be together in person. We are advocating for King to be included in Phase 2 of a re-opening scenario, which means we might be able to meet with students one-on-one, outdoors, and masked, for check-ins and lessons, later this year. This is completely dependent on the COVID-19 numbers in Yolo County, so no matter where you are, please wear your mask, maintain social distancing, and help stop the spread, so we can see each other again!

There are a lot of important updates about what to expect next week, and they will be linked in the Distance Learning tab by Monday 8/24. Please review these for information, and email me if there are still questions you need answered. 

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 26. All students will receive an email and a phone call from their Advisor by Tuesday, August 25, with an update about their exact class schedule. We will help you get online, and let you know when you need to sign on. We can't wait to "see" you! 

Cristina Buss, Principal