Bike shop Martin Luther King Jr. High School was established in 1970 by teachers Jim O'Keefe and Sharon Reynolds, secretary Barbara Martin, and principal Jack Reinwand. This group set the founding ideal of providing a second chance to students who were slipping through the cracks of the school system.  The spirit of a nurturing and safe environment where all use first names has been a hallmark of King High School from the beginning. At first, the school was housed in two trailers on what is now the current site on the corner of B Street and 7th Street. However, in February of that year, King High moved into a modular building at the site of the Davis Commons shopping area. Less than 25 students attended the school that first year. Sadly, during the summer of the first year, Jack Reinwand died of a heart attack, but his legacy as a champion for alternative education has survived. In 1981 the building was moved to the current location on the northwest corner of Civic Park near downtown Davis. In 2008 King High received a larger building which allowed the school to increase enrollment and offer a wider variety of classes and extracurricular opportunities for students, while maintaining an intimate self-contained environment.

King High School has seen many staff members come and go over the years, but a few have dedicated the majority of their careers to the school.  Dave Egolf served as both teacher and Principal for over three decades and was instrumental in getting a new building for the school in 2008. For nearly 40 years, Gayle Bryner taught multiple subjects including art, home economics, work experience, and computer technology. Billie Dunbar kept King on track as site administrative assistant and school secretary from 1975 to 2008.  Former student Theo Buckendorf returned to King High as a teacher in 2000, and continues to teach social studies, PE, and run the bike shop class.  Many other dedicated professionals have added their talents and helped King grow and evolve over the years. Staff culture at King promotes continual positive improvement, while staying true to the original spirit which has helped so many Davis youth find direction and earn their diploma. We are lucky to have many wonderful community supporters and advocates.