Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all DJUSD campuses are closed for the remainder of the school year. However, school continues with Distance Learning, beginning April 13! See below for updates about how this will work for King. 
How will Distance Learning work at King?

Distance Learning at King will involve teachers posting a weekly lesson and assignments each Monday that students can work on throughout the week. Live virtual office hours will be available for direct instruction, connecting with staff, and getting help. Students will earn credit for each class they participate in, and they can also turn in additional homework and logs to earn credit for ANY class!

Getting Started
  • If students do not have access to a computer and/or internet at home, you may pick up a Chromebook from the District Office every weekday between 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Information about Chromebook pickup and access to Wi-Fi hotspots is available on the District website.
  • Starting on April 13, we will resume teaching using WebEx and Google Classroom. The District’s page on Getting Started with Distance Learninghas good resources and information, as well as contacts for help with digital access.
  • Students, please check your email(s) for invitations to Google Classroom pages and for links to WebEx video meetings. If you can log in to your @djusdstudents.org account, please use that one. If you can’t, let us know the best way to contact you and we will work on getting you set up. I set up a King High Home Page via Google Classroom for information about Distance Learning at King (invite is already in student inboxes!). FAQs about how to earn credits, grading, class schedules, etc. are all addressed on this site.
  • Parents/Guardians and Students, please follow @kinghighdavis on Facebook for updates to appear in your feed, and check back here regularly for more detailed information.

Every Week:

  • Mondays: Teachers will post weekly lesson plan and options for assignments. Principal’s Update video will be posted. Advisors will host virtual Credit Check for their advisee student groups. Office hours available for students or families to talk to Cristina or Sharlese.
  • Tuesdays: Teacher office hours via WebEx. These will be live sessions which may include direct instruction, “class” discussions and activities, and time for you to drop in and get help. Cristina mini-office hour.
  • Wednesdays: Extra help! Stop in to office hours with Cristina, Sharlese, Chrissy (Study Skills) or Maria (Para-Educator) to work on assignments or get directions. Maria will have both AM and PM office hours!
  • Thursdays: Teacher office hours via WebEx + extra help from Maria and Cristina available in the afternoons.
  • Fridays: Sharlese and Cristina available for office hours + extra help available from Chrissy (Study Skills).

Week 1 (April 13-17)

Starting on Monday, April 13, we will have a robust schedule of virtual announcements, Credit Checks, and Office Hours for you to have opportunities to connect with staff.

  • Monday 4/13:
    • Principal’s Update video with weekly challenge information will be posted in the morning (on Facebook, and on Google Classroom).
    • By Monday morning, students should have received WebEx invitations from their advisors to log in for “live” Credit Check; they are sending two time options so that students can attend either at 10:00 a.m. or at 12:00 p.m. This will be your opportunity to check in on your credits remaining, determine your “schedule” of which 3 classes you are going to focus on for Quarter 4, and review your updated transcript and credit card.
    • Advisors will use credit check as a time to help students prepare for the rest of the week, sort out tech issues, and help make sure everyone is connected.

What are my classes?
Your advisor will put you in 3 classes that you should focus on for Quarter 4. Talk to your advisor to figure out what your main 3 classes are! As always, you may complete and submit homework for any class, and do any logs (the cap is reset at 2.5 possible for Quarter 4). 

If you had Study Skills or an extended schedule, you may have 4+ classes. Talk to your advisor!
How do I earn credits?
Check out the Earning Credits Google Doc for more information. If you need access, just request it!
Who is my advisor?
Student Advisor
Allen, Everett Blair
Ballon Galvan, Edgar Mark
Barakat, Amin Blair
Barger, Phia Mark
Booth, Liam Mark
Boyd, Rachael Wes
Cady, Jesse Chrissy
Canchola, Erick Helke
Cavins, Kalea Mark
Chaudhary, Muizz Mark
Comai, Elias Wes
Diaz, Andrea Wes
Durgin, Vincent Theo
Encarnacion, Ramon Theo
Enriquez, Cristina Theo
Essex, Tacey Mark
Euceda, Gaetano Mark
Fields, Cody Cat
Fierro, Jesse Mark
Garcia, Uriel Mark
Gonzalez, Ingrid Cat
Halozan, Kevin Cat
Harris, Justin Blair
Herrera, Claudia Helke
Hoang, Dylan Blair
Holt, John Theo
Huitron, Fabiola Helke
Lares, Alan Cat
Lopez, Giovanni Wes
Mares, Giovanni Wes
Marquez-Menenses, Nayzeth Chrissy
Martin, Maddie Cat
Meyer, Owen Wes
Mockett-Olander, London Blair
Mosqueda, Flavio Cat
Negrete Robles, Jonathan Blair
Nishimoto, Kira Blair
Nunley, Brionna Theo
Paola Barahona, Ana Chrissy
Pellegrini, Marco Cat
Pike, Madison Wes
Postlethwaite, Alex Helke
Quinton, Aidan Chrissy
Ramirez-Maravilla, Jose Wes
Robles, Gianna Helke
Romo, Christian Wes
Rubio, Michael Theo
Ruhs, Thor Blair
Salas, Isaac Mark
Silva, Angie Chrissy
Soto Ramirez, Jazmin Helke
Stacy, Roman Theo
Velasquez, Jake Wes
Wood, Caleb Mark
Zuniga, Daniel Blair
What is Distance Learning?
Since all DJUSD school campuses are closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, we are moving to Distance Learning, which means that we will be providing credit-earning opportunities to students through online platforms such as Google Classroom and WebEx. We will help you set up access to these! For more information about Distance Learning in general, visit https://djusd.net/instruction/distancelearning/10-12

King's version will look slightly different than the rest of the DJUSD schedule, so stay in touch with your teachers and advisors for updates!

When are my classes?
King is following a different schedule than the other DJUSD high schools. Teachers will post a lesson (video, presentation, resources) each Monday morning, along with a list of assignments and homework related to that lesson that students can complete throughout the week. Teachers and other staff members will host multiple office hours throughout the week to do live check-ins and provide assistance. See the schedule below.