Planning for Fall 2020
Posted on 06/23/2020

King High Staff Join Project Teams

Although school is out for summer, our planning for Fall 2020 continues. King staff members are integrated on many of the DJUSD Project and Action Teams working on a variety of plans for how school will look in Fall 2020. We are participating to make sure that the needs of King students are considered in this planning, and will advocate for equity for all of our students. Please email Principal Cristina Buss if you have ideas about reopening for Fall 2020, and read here, or see below, for the Superintendent's June 19 update about this planning work. 

DJUSD Restart - Planning for the Unknown

No one can predict the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. DJUSD, like districts across California and the country, is focused on planning for the return to school under various scenarios and working with our county and state partners in defining these efforts. Recent documents from the California Department of HealthCalifornia Department of Education Guidebook Stronger Together, and the forthcoming Yolo County Task Force information for schools are significant efforts focused on providing guidelines rather than mandates or directives. While these documents provide valuable context, frameworks, and issues for consideration, individual school will districts make their own decisions for how school will open in the fall, which must be tailored to State and County Public Health Orders in place at that time.

To that end, DJUSD has assembled seven Action Teams comprised of teachers, staff and administrators who will design recommendations for the 2020-21 school year. These teams will be meeting throughout the summer to review all guidance and recent survey data, and to design detailed recommendations on topics such as possible schedule configurations, health and safety, high-quality teaching and learning, social-emotional needs and use of the new learning management system to support our instructional program. These teams will develop draft plans and recommendations that will be shared with DJUSD advisory committees and the Board of Education by mid-July near the same time as the release of our professional development modules. Everything, of course, is subject to change as the pandemic evolves.

While we cannot predict the exact format of what school will look like yet, we have taken into consideration the feedback we have received from students, staff and families. Below are a few important updates:

Adoption of a Learning Management System
To address many concerns we heard about digital learning and communication platforms, all schools in the District will be using a new, comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. This will consolidate digital tools, grades, assessment, and teacher communication and conferencing into a “one-stop shop”. Students and families will receive more information including training on Canvas beginning in August.

Building in Flexibility
Physical and mental health and safety will guide our decisions and we will continue to prioritize social emotional learning and issues of equity in our planning for the coming school year. We must also recognize that what is right for one family, or staff member, may not be right for another. Understanding the assumptions, conditions and needs of our students, staff and families is critical to developing models that are feasible and responsive to varying needs around health concerns, childcare, eldercare and more.

A New Technology Standard
At the June 18 Board of Education meeting, DJUSD took its first step to implementing a 1 to 1 Chromebook technology standard for grades 3-12, when the Board approved a new Chromebook Lease. This, combined with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and a Chromebook Purchase program for families, will help ensure that, beginning in the fall, every student in grades 3-12 will have a device that will be used both at school and home. Whether school restarts in the fall in-person or remotely, technology and our new LMS will amplify their learning experience. To meet this expectation, each student in grades 3-12 will have the following options:

  • Check out a District-provided Chromebook

  • Bring Your Own Device, which can be either:

    • A new Chromebook purchased through a District-provided program

    • Bring a personal device (Chromebook or similar) for use

In all cases, District safety and device management will provide web filtering for District-provided student devices/Chromebooks at school and at home and for BYOD devices when students are logged into their student accounts.