Next Steps for King High
Posted on 03/25/2020
3_25 Update

Dear King Students and Families, 

We miss you all so much, and hope that you are staying safe and well during this unprecedented time. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are all finding ways to adapt to a new (and temporary--we will come out of this!) version of normal life. Please read this email carefully for some important updates.

King Staff is continuing to focus on the 3P’s and trying to stay Present, Positive, and Productive, even during difficult times. We challenge you to take this on as well. 

Here’s an optional credit earning opportunity for this week:

Students, email Cristina ([email protected]) to answer these questions, for 2-3 units toward any class!

  1. How will you remain Present for yourself, your family, your friends, and your community, even with six feet of distancing? 
  2. What helps you stay Positive in the midst of lots of unknowns and changing situations?
  3. How will you be Productive, both in life, and for school, during the next few months?

And don’t forget that last week’s King Closure Kindness Credit Challenge; participation (even if you start this week!) can earn you up to 1.0 CREDIT toward any class. 

The information we receive changes daily as this situation evolves. Currently, it looks unlikely that school will resume this year. This is super sad, but we will find a way to still come together as a King Family and help you earn your credits! King staff are preparing for Distance Learning options, which fit really well with King’s model of variable credit-earning. We don’t know if Summer School will be an option or not, so we are working hard to give you access to credit-earning opportunities, starting right away.

From now through April 3, we are in Phase I, which involves you earning as much credit as possible for the ways in which you are already being productive, while staff plan for Distance Learning for Phase II. Phase II will begin when we virtually return from Spring break on April 13. Teachers will be prepared with a Distance Learning curriculum, which will include a combination of independent projects, online classes, and other ways to connect regularly with your teachers and your education so that you can earn credits and grades for Quarter 4. Information about DJUSD’s transition to Distance Learning is available online; keep in mind that King’s version may look different to make sure it works for our students. 

A King staff member will be calling you or a parent/guardian soon to review all of this information. Please keep an eye on your phone so that you can connect and follow up. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

1. What should I be doing to earn credit right now?

  • King Closure Kindness Credit Challenge
  • Email to Cristina to answer the 3 P’s questions
  • Continue any regular homework, including logs, packets, or regular assignments. If you aren’t sure what counts, ask your advisor or teacher for ideas of what to do between now and April 3. 
  • Any work from home you do during these weeks WILL count toward your credits! Logs, homework packets, PE, reading…be creative, and let us know what you are doing and learning during this unique time in our lives, so that we can give you credit for it.
  • Anything from this list (seriously, any of these!). Write up a short paragraph about what you did, what was interesting about it, who you did it with (bonus points for entertaining/educating a younger sibling and/or making a video of yourself participating to share with a friend!), and how long you spent on this activity. Write one  paragraph per activity, and submit to your advisor so they can help you get credit for your work.   
  • DJUSD Distance Learning website: use any resource listed here to guide your own learning/design your own projects. Take notes about which websites you use, what activities you complete, time spent on them, what you learned, and if you would recommend this, and why or why not. Teachers may provide more guidance about specific ways to utilize these resources for credit-earning after Spring Break. 

 2. What if I don’t have a computer/phone/WiFi at home?

  • Start by reviewing the information here to find out how to get a Chromebook and internet access from DJUSD. If you aren’t able to get your questions answered, let your advisor know, and we will help you get access to technology at home!

 3. What will school look like after Spring Break?

  • Distance Learning will start April 13. This will be new for all of us, and we will work through it together to help you find success. This difficult time is going to result in even MORE opportunities for credit-earning, so take advantage of it!
  • Regular credit-earning opportunities, such as logs and homework packets, will be available to complete and submit online. 
  • Teachers will host virtual “classes,” post videos, and send out assignments to you directly that you can return to them for feedback and grading
  • Your advisor will be your best friend--advisors will help each student create individual plans for credit-earning each week.
  • If you don’t have reliable access to an internet-connected device at home, please make sure you get a Chromebook ASAP, or let King staff know if you need any help getting connected. 

 4. How will King staff contact me to let me know about credit-earning opportunities?

  • Great question! Please reply to this email, or inform the King staff member who calls you this week, to let us know:
  1. All email addresses that you’d like updates about Distance Learning, assignments, and King updates to be sent to
  2. The best way to contact the STUDENT directly about credit-earning (email, phone call, text message…)
  3. A backup number to contact family if a student can’t be reached.

We look forward to talking with you soon. If you need anything, school-related or not, please reach out to your King Family. The District is providing meals for all students during school closures, and we have access to many community resources. We are here for you. Hang in there, stay home if you can, and be safe!

With love,

Cristina and the King High Staff