May Update
Posted on 05/07/2020

Dear King Students and Families,

I’m emailing to provide an update as we enter our fourth week of Distance Learning. Please read below to learn more about the many opportunities for credit-earning and staying connected to the King Family in these last five weeks of the school year! All King staff members are copied on this email, so if you need to reach anyone, feel free to shoot them an email.


  • Did you know you get 5 units per class per week just for participating in Distance Learning in ANY way!? What a deal!
  • There are only 5 MORE CREDIT CHECKS LEFT this school year. Get those units!
  • Every Monday, I post announcements and a Weekly Challenge to the King High Home Page (my Google Classroom). These videos are also available on our King High Facebook page. Please follow us to see weekly videos and updates!

    Important announcements from this week:

    • You can earn units by scheduling a WebEx meeting with Sharlese! Email her to plan a time to say hello and check in.
    • You can continue to earn units by meeting virtually with Kimberly from Recovery Happens. Email  Sharlese for more information.
    • Wellness Center: though campus is closed, our amazing nurse practitioner Shawna is still available to help you over the phone and connect you with resources at the Teen Clinic. Email Cristina for information about how to contact her, or contact the Teen Clinic directly at 530-204-5629 or by emailing them.
    • If you will graduate this year, you are eligible for scholarships! Talk to Cat, Maria, Blair, or Sharlese to find out how to apply ASAP.
    • Graduates will be contacted soon about picking up caps and gowns and yard signs to celebrate the Class of 2020! You will also be asked to provide photos of yourself in your cap and gown and with a senior quote of your choice, so start thinking about what you want your message to be.
  • Weekly Challenges:
    • Students who participate in the Weekly Challenges are earning an average of 6-8 units per week toward ANY requirement! They count toward School Service first, and then can be counted toward ANY class. Think of your hardest class—if you had participated in the closure challenge from April, plus the three weeks of challenges so far, you could have earned 1-3 credits toward any class by doing easy and fun challenges, focused around staying positive during these crazy times! Point is: do the Weekly Challenges—we have 5 more weeks, so you could earn at least a few credits by participating J  The best part is—it’s not too late! Look back through Google Classroom to complete previous week’s challenges and you can still earn units J
      • Week 1 Challenge Recap: Thanks to those who share Some Good News with me, and earned credits by focusing on the positive parts of life right now J
      • Week 2 Challenge Recap: Thanks to the students who submitted a charity—your work earned money via Facebook donations. Well done!! Rachael--Davis Community Meals ($130); Vincent--PETA ($80); Jazmin: The Trevor Project ($120); Ingrid—National Down Syndrome Alliance ($140)
      • Week 3 Challenge Recap: Thanks to those of you who submitted an appreciation letter to a DJUSD staff member! It means a lot.
      • Week 4 Challenge: Repeat of Week 3 in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week being THIS WEEK. Earn units by writing letters to any DJUSD staff member!

Weekly Schedule:

  • Students are invited to everything below except the Mon and Fri staff meetings. You earn units just for showing up to teacher office hours! If you do NOTHING except log in to a WebEx session and participate in discussion (or just listen!), you’ll automatically earn your 5 units for that class for being “Present, Positive, and Productive” by logging on. Any actual work you complete earns you ADDITIONAL units on top of those 5 freebies! And if you can’t attend the WebEx sessions, you can still earn your automatic 5 units by emailing a teacher or turning in ANY work on Google Classroom. Participation in any way = 5 units. All work you do is additional units!
  • Anyone with a DJUSD account (all students have one) can log in here to view the Google Classroom and WebEx access codes for all of the weekly calendar options. 

Your King staff is meeting twice a week to talk about how each and every one of you is doing. We are reaching out to students and families as often as possible. Please let us know how we can support you. We wish we could be together, but since we can’t, we want to help you through this in any way we can.

Email me if you have questions.  

Take care, and earn credits!