King High Closure Updates
Posted on 03/18/2020
Coronavirus Update

Dear King Family,

As you learned last week, due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, all DJUSD schools, including King High, will be closed through Sunday, April 12, 2020. School is scheduled to resume on Monday, April 13, 2020. Our best chance of getting back to our King Family and helping students graduate is to follow the public health recommendations strictly. Please stay home whenever possible, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands, all the time! The less contact we all have with anyone that we aren’t living with, the better our chances to slow down the spread of this virus. It’s been very hard to explain the strict “staying at home” rules to my own 3- and 4 year-old kids, but we are all in this together—thank you for taking it seriously and for helping everyone stay safe. If you can stay home, stay home.

We already miss our students and our daily interactions, and we know that this is a hard time for everyone. If you’d like to reach out via email, even just to say hello, we’d welcome a chance to communicate with you! The King office will be open for limited hours this week, and will likely be closed afterward. If you need to reach us, we will check our emails daily and respond as quickly as possible.

Students: We love you, and we are thinking of you. Keep trying to focus on ways that you can be Present, Positive, and Productive within your own homes, and with your own families and communities during this time. Being kind to others, even from afar, will make this easier for all of us! In fact, we are offering a special King Closure Kindness Credit Challenge: keep a daily log of 3 things you are grateful for + 1 daily act of kindness that you complete EVERY day during this school closure. If you keep a record for every single day, you can earn ONE CREDIT for supporting your own well-being and your community during this time!  You can do this on any paper, or digitally. Here’s an example:



I Am Grateful For

Act of Kindness


  1. My health
  2. My family’s health
  3. In N Out burgers and drive-thrus

Taught my daughter to make beaded necklaces and encouraged her to “come up with the idea” to make them for her friends.


  1. Sleeping in
  2. Internet to connecttofamily
  3. Sunshine after lots of rain

Wrote a snail mail letter to my aunt who is over 65 and won’t be able to leave her house for awhile. Had the kids draw pictures for her, too.

Many of our awesome students are asking about other opportunities to earn credit at home during the school closure. We know that missing classes and weeks of credit-earning opportunities affects your graduation timeline. This is especially difficult for those of you who are very close to graduation. We are considering many options, and will be sending you more guidance by next week. Please be patient as we figure this out—the situation in the state is changing rapidly, and we are awaiting guidance.

For now, you may continue to do any homework that you would normally do, and we plan to issue credit for what you turn in once school is reopened. Examples of work that you would normally do from home include: reading and reading logs, writing and writing logs, practical arts logs (including gardening, home improvement projects, bike/auto/shop work, deep cleaning/virus-killing…), PE logs, cooking logs, music logs, sketchbooks, and any homework packets/worksheets/recurring assignments you have from teachers. If you do not have copies of logs at home, you may create a Google Doc and/or write your information on any paper at home—we will accept it as long as it has dates and the relevant information that would usually be required.

Please take care of yourself and your people, and know that we miss you, students, and are thinking of you all. Reach out if you need us.

With love and healthy thoughts,

Cristina Buss

Cristina Buss | King High Principal
Martin Luther King (Jr.) High School
635 B Street | Davis, CA 95616
[email protected] |
(530) 757-5425