Halloween Pick Up Event
Posted on 10/29/2020
tiger jack-o-lantern


Reminder that King students do NOT have any Zoom classes to attend on Friday, October 30. Instead, come by King High (635 B Street) to pick up some treats, autumn goodies (pumpkins!), and class materials for Quarter 2.

Staff will be at King from 10:00-2:00.

Your attendance and credit-earning for Friday 10/30/20 will be based on showing up to this pick-up event. If you or a parent/guardian is not able to attend, please contact Cristina ([email protected]) or Maricela ([email protected]) to arrange another time to pick up class materials for Quarter 2.

Quarter 2 classes start next week. On Monday, 11/2 you will have regular Monday Meeting at 9:00 (AM students) or 12:15 (PM students) and one-on-one credit checks with your advisor. Quarter 2 classes will start on Tuesday 11/3. 

Happy Halloween!