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King High School History

King High School was established in 1970 by two teachers, Jim O'Keefe and Sharon Reynolds, a secretary; Barbara Martin, and principal, Jack Reinwand. The building was in two trailers on what is now the current site.However in February of that year, King High moved into a modular building at the site of the Davis Commons shopping area. There were less than 25 students who attended the school that first year. During the summer of the first year, Jack Reinwand died of a heart attack. The school sat at this location until 1981 when the building was moved to the current location. A major remolding of King High School was started in 2006 and the building that once held only 25 students is now home to more than 100 each school year.

The name of the school, Martin Luther King Jr. High school was chosen by the students during the first year of King's existence. They had heard his famous, "I have a dream" speech and they shared the view that there should be equality for all. The first student's at King had their own dreams of change in society and their own lives as well.

Multiple individuals have been at King; each with their own leadership ideas and dreams for King High school students. However, three staff members spent copious amount of time and talent with students at King High. In October of 1971, the second year of King's existence, Gay Bryner was hired to teach multiple subjects of work experience, fine arts and Home economics.  All students worked in a large room working in groups as well on individual assignments. Dave Egolf joined the staff at King High in 1972 to teach math and science and later became principal of the school. Both he and Gay retired in 2010.  Billie Dunbar was hired in 1975 as the school secretary and acts as the school's historian. She retired in 2008.

Multiple individuals have been supporters of dreams for King High school students. Mrs. Reinwand established a scholarship in her husband's name that is still awarded each year. The Davis Rotary, Soroptomist group, Mexican Concilio, Delta Kappa Gamma sorority, and DWR provide financial scholarships to our graduates every year. Donations to our bike shop help keep our school bike shop running as we provide services to the community while teaching students a skill.